Book 13, Chapter 10 - The Senior Disciples (Teaser)

“The ninth golem?” Silvermoon immediately rose to his feet. Feather-fan in hand, he began to laugh in surprise. “Junior apprentice-brother, do you feel confident?”

“Haven’t fought it before, so hard to say,” Ji Ning said.

“Junior apprentice-brother, you are always so modest. Come, come, come. Let’s hurry. Show me what you have.” Silvermoon immediately led Ning down from the Divinities Palace and to the empty testing grounds.


Many of the disciples of Mount Innerheart were gathered in the empty area. Even Little Qing and Uncle White had hurried over here. Because Ning had sent his two spirit-beasts a mental message earlier, telling them that he was going to challenge the ninth golem, Little Qing and Uncle White had paused their training and hurriedly ran over to watch the fight.

“Can it be that Patriarch Ji Ning is going to challenge the ninth golem? He’s already defeated the eighth golem nine times by now, right?”

“He might really be challenging the ninth golem!”

“There are so many of us here, including some monsters that have lived here for tens of thousands of years, but none of us have ever defeated the ninth golem.”

The other disciples were all stealthily chatting amongst themselves. In fact, some of them even spoke out towards Little Qing or Uncle White.

“Azure Skysnake, Whitewater Hound, which golem is Patriarch Ji Ning challenging?”

“Little sister Qing, don’t tell them, just tell me alone.”

Over the course of the past thirty years, Little Qing and Uncle White had become quite familiar with these disci...

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