Book 11, Chapter 30 - A Loose Immortal Dies


The thirty-six Loose Immortals of the Kindwater clan, in the form of the giant black serpent, launched a twelfth attack against the Bloodcoil Heavenlock Formation. It was already beginning to shudder, and the color of the golden heart was beginning to change. Beginning to grow dim, as the cracks and scars on its surface multiplied.

“Break, break, break!”

Immortal Floatcloud was in a berserk state, his white hair flying about. His three flying swords clashed hard against Ning’s Lotusflower Swordland.


Layers of lotus petals continuously defended, one layer after the other.

The [Lesser Thousand Swords Formation]-formed golden flying sword was as fast as lightning. By comparison, the speed of the flying swords of Immortal Floatcloud was much lower; they were once more struck, then sent back.

“It’s over.”

Immortal Floatcloud suddenly gave up. His three flying swords no longer attacked. He just stood there, staring blankly at the black-robed Ji Ning, who stood there within the Lotusflower Swordland.

In the face of the Lotusflower Swordland… Immortal Floatcloud felt as though he was facing a turtle that had retreated into its shell. There was no way to break it at all! Or, at least, he wasn’t going to be able to do it in a short period of time. In addition, he could sense that his Bloodcoil Heavenlock Formation was at the breaking point. He felt despair. He gave up. He understood that this time…he had failed.

Immortal Floatcloud looked at Ning, his face incomparably calm and peaceful. He sent mentally, “Ji Ning, tell me, what… what technique is this?”

The black-robed Ning, seeing that the opponent had actually stopped attacking, realized that the opponent had given up. Towards the bald elder in front of him, Ning actually didn’t feel any hatred; instead, he felt pity. This was because Ning could tell… that this person was a Deathsworn!

“This is my Lotusflower Swordland.”

“Every single lotus petal was formed from my elemental ki and the sword-light.”

“The region covered by my lotus flowers becomes my world.”

“This is a world with the Dao of the Sword, the Dao of Rainwater, the Dao of Space, and the Dao of the Inferno. This is the most powerful technique which I have developed.” The black-robed Ning spoke mentally to his foe. In this moment… Ning understood that the man had chosen death.

Immortal Floatcloud looked at Ning, envy in his eyes. “The Dao of the Sword? The Dao of Space? The Dao of Rainwater? The Dao of the Inferno? So many Daos… and two of them are Grand Daos. You’ve actually been able to join them together perfectly and create a technique of your own. At only thirty years of age, you are already so talented… I’ve never before met a genius like you in my life. I can’t even imagine what your future shall be like. I… am whole-heartedly convinced that my defeat was deserved.”

Ning, however, knew exactly how much effort he had put into the creation of this technique.

He had often gone to the Stellar Hall to meditate on the Dao.

He had often gone to the Still Room to quietly ponder.

He had repeatedly, tirelessly tested time and time again.

The spirit of the underwater estate had guided him as well… and all of these things had helped to inspire him, allowing him to develop this protective technique, this technique that was completely focused on defense.

“Kill me. Let me die by your hands.” A dreamy look was in Immortal Floatcloud’s eyes. In the moment before his death, his subconscious was telling him… that this peerless genius in front of him, Ji Ning, would have an astonishing future. In fact, he even had the vague feeling that an incomparably massive storm was about to arise… and that the peerless genius before him would become one of the most dazzling figures to emerge from the storm.

“As you desire.” The black-robed Ning nodded.


A golden sword-light flew out.

Immortal Floatcloud didn’t block at all. He allowed it to slash directly through his body, piercing into the golden-lotus Primal within his body. The golden lotus, upon being pierced through, began to collapse.

Although Ning hadn’t destroyed Immortal Floatcloud’s soul, because of the oath he had sworn to the Dao of the Heavens, Immortal Floatcloud knew that his soul was about to be shattered regardless. He knew this… because he could sense the ripples from the impending descent of the Dao of the Heavens.

“Patriarch Arcanum…”

“In this moment, my subconscious is telling me that an enormous tempest is about to descend… one dazzling, eye-catching figure after another is going to arise from the storm, and this Ji Ning is going to be one of them. Our Youngflame clan is going to have a calamity befall us because of this…”

“Patriarch Arcanum, it is one thing for you to have doomed me… but how terrifying of an enemy have you made for our Youngflame clan?”

“In the future, you will regret it.”

“You will regret it.”

“You are the criminal, the sinner of our Youngflame clan. The sinner! But none of this has anything to do with me any longer… I, whose soul is about to shatter, no longer have any connection to anything, to anything at all…”

Immortal Floatcloud closed his eyes. His body completely dissipated into nothingness, revealing an already battered and disintegrating golden-lotus Primal. Under the descent of the ripples of the Dao of the Heavens, the golden lotus was completely annihilated, quickly and completely vaporizing.

The more powerful a cultivator was, the more faith they would place in what their subsconscious told them.

Immortal Floatcloud, in the moment before his death, could also sense that in the future, a terrifying storm was about to arise… and that even the likes of the Youngflame clan, which had existed from the earliest days of the Fiendgod Era until now, would be shaken and perhaps be thrown down by the storm…


As the sword-light of the [Lesser Thousand Swords Formation] pierced through the golden-lotus Primal and as Immortal Floatcloud transformed into nothingness, a massive explosion could suddenly be heard. The Bloodcoil Heavenlock Formation blew apart, and a giant black serpent coiled in the air above it, staring down at Ji Ning, who was being protected by a titanic, swiveling lotus flower.

One lotus petal swept around and picked up the flying swords, storage treasures, and other relics left behind by the deceased Immortal Floatcloud. This petal then drifted over to the black-robed Ji Ning.

The black-robed Ning waved his hand, collecting it all.

The entire manor was completely silent.

The terrified servants… the stunned Golden Imperials… Skyfarmer Songspear… Kindwater Xiaolou… Fairy Wavecolor… Xiao Lang… and even the thirty-six Loose Immortals, who had dropped their formation… all of them stared at the black-robed Ning, protected by the defensive layers of the enormous Lotusflower Swordland.

They had just witnessed…

A Wanxiang Adept’s Primaltwin execute a mighty Loose Immortal.

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