Book 11, Chapter 29 - Primaltwin Vs Loose Immortal (Teaser)

The black-robed Ji Ning stood there, more than two hundred Heaven-ranked flying swords floating around him. The amount of sword-ki filling the region inside the Bloodcoil Heavenlock Formation was simply astonishing and heart-shaking. Anyone could tell what terrifying power this black-robed Ning possessed. And, given that Ning’s true body had suddenly vanished, everyone present could guess…

That this black-robed Ning was a Primaltwin!

“That’s a Primaltwin. How… but… Ji Ning’s only trained for thirty years…” A look of shock and anger was in Xiao Lang’s eyes, along with disbelief. “He’s only trained for thirty years! How can he have a Primaltwin? He dared to split his soul in half? Isn’t he afraid of death?”

“What a formidable Primaltwin. All of those two hundred-plus flying swords seem to be Heaven-ranked. I heard that this Ji Ning purchased hundreds of high-grade Heaven-ranked flying swords from the Heavenly Treasures Mountain; so it was for the sake of giving them to his Primaltwin for use. This Ji Ning is exceptionally wealthy; his Primaltwin has probably trained all the way up to the peak Primal level at one go.” Kindwater Xiaolou secretly sighed in amazement. “To be able to simultaneously control more than two hundred Heaven-ranked magic treasures… he absolutely has a peak Loose Immortal’s power. His true body has vanished; it should’ve entered an estate...

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