Book 11, Chapter 28 - Bloodcoil Heavenlock Formation (Teaser)

Although this was slow to describe, in reality it happened in an instant!

Faced with the lightning-fast Whitebone Immortal Slaying Needle, Ji Ning didn’t even have time to make his Primaltwin emerge to block. After all, although he could indeed make his Primaltwin emerge from the underwater estate extremely quickly, it would still need to unleash the hundreds of Heaven-ranked flying swords and execute the [Lesser Thousand Swords Formation]. All these things took time! The Whitebone Immortal Slaying Needle, however, gave Ning no such time at all.

Ning only had enough time to immediately activate his divine abilities, then block!


Although the Waterflame Lotus surrounding Ning was incomparably resilient, it was still instantly penetrated through!

The three-headed, six-armed Ji Ning held his Immortal swords in his hands, unleashing his most powerful attacks to block the Whitebone Immortal Slaying Needle.


Six consecutive and incomparably ferocious collisions. Of the six swords, three were Darknorth swords and thus possessed tremendous power. As for the other three Heaven-ranked swords, although Ning’s true body couldn’t fill them with his elemental ki, as Heaven-ranked artifacts, they were still quite tough and strong.

If Ning had used Earth-ranked flying swords, the Whitebone Immortal Slaying Needles probably would’ve pierced straight through them. These three...

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