Book 11, Chapter 27 - Assassination (Teaser)

Within the central arena. The grand sealing formation now covered this region, and a violet-robed Xiao Lang and a red-robed Fairy Wavecolor were staring at each other from afar.

“Hahaha, Fairy Wavecolor, if you aren’t able to withstand my attacks, then hurry up and admit defeat.” Xiao Lang laughed in a ratherly sickly fashion. And then, following his laughter, his skin turned completely red, as though a river of lava was flowing beneath his skin. His eyes also turned the color of fire as well.

He lifted his hands slightly.

Whoosh. Instantly, petals of fire began to emerge around him, each of them blazing with the stench of blood. At the same time, the arena seemed to instantly become transformed into a world of fire. Although the flames just hovered there in the air, it caused the insides of the grand sealing formation to become extremely hot, and even the air in the arena began to shimmer in a twisted manner.

“Hmph.” Fairy Wavecolor let out a cold snort. Whoosh. A jade-green ribbon suddenly howled through the air. This jade-green ribbon swirled out in circles, instantly and completely guarding an area of tens of meters around Fairy Wavecolor’s body. At the same time, it caused a seemingly limitless amount of watery mist to emerge, and the region around her seemed to become a world of water.

Around Xiao Lang, the temperature was extremely high. Around Fairy Wavecolor, however,...

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