Book 11, Chapter 2 - The Eight Loose Immortals of the Black-White College (Teaser)

In the skies above Stillwater City. There were nine Flood Dragons, pulling an Immortal carriage behind them, which had come to a halt above the Heavenly Treasures Mountain.

“Patriarch, wait here. I will go investigate Ji Ning in detail,” the Godplume Duke said respectfully.

“Also, Ji Ning’s mother is named Yuchi Snow; purchase an intelligence report on her as well.” Patriarch Arcanum remained seated aboard the Immortal carriage as he calmly gave the orders.


The Godplume Duke immediately flew down into the Heavenly Treasures Mountain. Just a short while later, the Godplume Duke walked out from within it. With a blurring movement, he flew back into the sky, next to Patriarch Arcanum, respectfully handing him a book with two characters on it – JI NING.

“Just Ji Ning’s?” Patriarch Arcanum frowned.

“Ji Ning’s mother, Yuchi Snow, was a minor Xiantian lifeform who hadn’t accomplished any major deeds; the only record of her is that she had a son named Ji Ning. The Heavenly Treasures Mountain informed me that there is virtually no intelligence regarding Yuchi Snow, and all of what they have is in this tome,” the Godplume Duke explained.

Patriarch Arcanum nodded softly.

Although the Heavenly Treasures Mountain’s intelligence unit was spread throughout the world, they weren’t as all-knowing as the heavens themselves....

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