Book 10, Chapter 5 - Unblockable (Teaser)

This Immortal estate was the home of Immortal Witchriver; naturally, he had set up layers of defenses. Although he himself had perished, some of the defenses he had left behind remained usable; for example, his Dao-soldiers!

Immortal Witchriver had used up countless treasures in order to cultivate a powerful army of Dao-soldiers. In their most powerful prime, they were capable of easily killing a Loose Immortal or Earth Immortal! However, the Immortal estate had suffered through countless years of decay. Those oldest monstrous Dao-soldiers had died long ago, leaving behind a large amount of Dao-soldier armors.

Prior to this, Ji Ning and the others had guessed that as Immortal Witchriver was a monster Immortal, it was only logical to expect that he had stationed some of his race within his Immortal estate. This Immortal estate world… although it wasn’t as infinitely vast as the Grand Xia Empire, it still spanned tens of thousands of kilometers, and was comparable in size to Earth. Thus, the monsters had continuously propagated.

The monsters had left behind their training methods to their descendants, while the Immortal estate itself had incomparably dense, nourishing levels of elemental energy. It was only normal for more Diremonsters to be created.

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