Book 10, Chapter 26 - Killing Youngflame Nong (Teaser)

The black loop seemed quite ordinary, but as Xiangliu Fang struck out with his massive, dark, cloud-like hand, with those giant, serpentine fingers… the black loop actually passed straight through it. The giant Fiendgod’s hand wasn’t harmed at all; it was as though the black loop was composed of a different type of force, as though it was illusory. It passed straight through.

“What’s this?” Xiangliu Fang was completely flabbergasted.

“Kill him.” Youngflame Nong’s eyes were filled with a murderous intent as well, but then… he too stared in amazement at the black loop which had appeared.

A seemingly ordinary black loop, but it caused both Youngflame Nong and Xiangliu Fang to feel nervousness, because they had no idea what sort of a treasure it was.

One of them was an ancient Fiendgod with vast experience. The other was all-but-guaranteed to be the next Godplume Duke, who similarly had seen many things. The two of them had seen countless treasures… but they had never seen a treasure like this before. In fact, they couldn’t even tell what it was.

“This black loop easily passed through Xiangliu Fang’s massive, Fiendgod hand… and didn’t injure it in the slightest?” Mu Northson was completely awestruck as well.

It was like an ordinary person being ‘struck’ by a ghost;...

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