Book 10, Chapter 22 - Youngflame Nong’s True Face (Teaser)

“Let us down this cup together,” Xue Hongyi hurriedly called out. He wanted to flatter Youngflame Nong as best as he could, because in his heart, he was still thinking about later leaving the Witchriver Immortal Estate, then fleeing alive with the Immortal-ranked magic item in tow!

“My fellow disciples, we must be vigilant against the outsiders. Let’s not drink this wine,” Adept Vastriver sent mentally.

“We were useful to him earlier, but now we are useless; who knows what sort of tricks he might play,” Northson sent as well.

But Ninelotus said, “I imagine he wouldn’t dare to be so heartless and crazed.”

While sending mental messages amongst themselves, they all lifted up their cups and drank from it.

“Gulp.” The wine entered Ji Ning’s mouth, then a surge of elemental ki surrounded the liquid. The liquid was completely vaporized by a streak of fire. Only then did Ning put down his winecup.

“Chun and Ji, the two of you, perform a dance and help us enjoy ourselves.” Youngflame Nong was in an extremely fine mood as he gave the orders. Instantly, two of the female Zifu Disciples behind him moved. Previously, their robes were in the shape of maid robes, but the robes now changed. Their sleeves fluttered as the two of them laughed, unveiling their astonishing charisma as the two of...

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