Descent of the Demon Master

Descent of the Demon Master

28 Reviews
A Passing Wanderer
Wolbaek's Fusion Fantasy Novel.
He had always wished to live a new, ordinary life. That was his one and only wish.
But the world did not allow him to.
'I wanted to live ordinarily, but you're the ones who provoked me first!'
Who was the one who provoked the sleeping lion first?
It's now time to witness the great Demon Master's reproval of the modern times!
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803 Chapters
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Original work copyright ⓒ 2016.07.12 Wolbaek/Bbulmedia

28 Reviews
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2 years ago
I am truly hyped by this new LN. Even though it has only 1 chapter at the moment, I did read the comic and it's really good ! I can't wait to read more ! :)

And so here we are with the 100 words requirements... I have read a lot of other light novel on wuxiaworld and I can give you a few of those I liked along the years. (Started reading more than 5 years ago.)

Child of light

I shall seal the heavens

Coiling Dragon

All 3 of the Soul Land saga


Overlord of blood and iron

The second coming of gluttony

And I don't remember the name exactly but it's something along the lines of "the Rebirth of the unrivalled thief (it's a vrmmo LN).

Thanks for reading this comment, and please take care of yourselves. Be happy guys.

2 years ago
Not recommended
The first chapter was awesome. The rest were kinda boring, i had to drop it. The author cant make his mind up about whether or not this is slice of life or action or whatever, so we have a lot of extremely boring moments where scenes get dragged out like glue. At first even that was bearable with the hospital plot, but then it just gets repetitive and boring, with the mc helping out whatever person in need and some forced plot development young-master retaliation happening after that.

I might pick this up later if the whole plot direction changes, but as it stands i found it uninteresting.

2 years ago
It is different from normal Isekai/rebirth type of stories for sure. Not super different of course, but at least 30%.

First, both Isekai and rebirth happened.

Second, the MC tried his hardest to not use the power from his Isekai, knowing the dangers that it could bring to his desired lifestyle. Obviously didn't work out in the end, since if it did then the whole Isekai setting would've been a waste of time.

Third, MC's personality isn't going to be the template super cool guy all the time. Just 80% of the time. He still has times where he acts like a normal kid, like getting competitive over games or his family getting disappointed over him not being able to do something normal. Though he's still a 100% virgin who rarely has interactions with females in both lives...

Fourth, WE HAVE FRIENDLY MALE CHARACTERS WHO AREN'T MC'S CHILDHOOD FRIENDS OR BEST FRIEND. In fact, the 'best friend' here is actually not that much of a friend. And so far only 2 female characters (outside of MC's family) and both are ofc possible romantic interests. One is a kid though so FBI is waiting for a slip up on that end.

Lastly, actions actually have consequences here. MC's thoughtless actions actually harmed his family, which is something that rarely happens at the beginning of this type of story. Sure, he started working on an OP way to fix that after like 2 chapters, but it's a welcome change nonetheless, seeing how little risk normal isekai/rebirth MCs usually have in their happy-go-lucky ways.

I'll see what happens after like 100 chapters, but for now, 9/10 recommended.


It's only been around 50 chapters and I'm already lowering my rating to 6/10 due to boredom. The plot barely moves due to amount of filler parts in most chapters. And the filler parts are always basically just the MC being unable to be "normal". It was pretty funny for the first few times but after it gets repeated for a few dozen times... For no reason besides being filler... It just gets boring.

Like come on man, imitating other people when you don't understand something isn't rocket science... Neither is normal people getting scared when you literally drive a car at top speed with millimeters of leeway everytime... I get that normal people are like ants to you after you got to be the top of the world once so their feelings and thoughts don't really matter to you, but really...? 2 chapters of you failing driving tests due to simple stupidity...? And using a bicycle at motorcycle level speed while preaching about being "normal"...? After a certain point you just have to question his intelligence level.

It's not funny anymore since this guy has literally became the strongest is the world once, and he can't even adapt that little bit of common sense into his head after so much time. It'd make some sense if it's a kid who just got isekai'd for the first time to a whole new foreign world. But he's a returnee. He has experienced adapting to a new culture once, and he even got to be the strongest in that world, but he still acts like this when he returns to his own world...?

Anyway i still have some hope for future plot lines, hence the positive rating, but that hope is really on the edge of death. I seriously don't need my intellect to be insulted in the name of comedy when I could have the actual plot moving instead.

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