Chapter 99: Jun Xiaomo’s Guilty Conscience

After their breakfast, the second prince suggested to show the Dawn Sect disciples around Xingping County, introduce them to Xingping County’s famous sights and to take a walk down the main marketplace.

“I know that everyone here is travelling outside their sect to glean some life experiences. But you must also ensure that your life experiences are holistic. Work and leisure are the main constituents of life, and one cannot do without the other. Achieving harmony between the two is the path to understanding life’s mysteries. Therefore, can I suggest that this prince shows everyone the sights and sounds of Xingping County?” The second prince fanned himself leisurely as he asked the disciples. Yet at the same time, he cast a flirtatious, coy look directly at Yao Mo as his lips curled into a smile ostensibly filled with hidden intent.

Yu Wanrou bit down on her lips. Her heart once again swelled with reluctance as she noticed how the second prince had cast an impassioned gaze at Yao Mo. Therefore, she smiled softly at the second prince as she interjected with her remark, “Sounds good! This is my first time in the Inferno Kingdom, and I’m quite interested in the people and the culture here. We’ll have to trouble the second prince then.”

Rong Yebin raised his eyebrows curiously as he finally shifted his attention over towards Yu Wanrou.

A beauty who’s come knocking on my door? That’s not too bad either. After all, her looks can be considered top-notch, and they suit my taste. Rong Yebin’s coy-looking eyes momentarily ignited with passion as he sized up Yu Wanrou again.

Rong Yebin had never understood the meaning of “faithfulness” or “love”. To him, there were only two kinds of beauties in this world – people who were his prey, and people who were not.

Yu Wanrou could not be considered a prey to him. However, since Yu Wanrou had packaged herself nicely and come knocking on his door, Rong Yebin was naturally not going to reject her.

Before he could...

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