Chapter 98: Inferno Kingdom’s Grand Vizier

The great hall was buzzing with chatter from the inn’s guests. In contrast, the clinking of the teacup in Ye Xiuwen’s hands were hardly noticeable. At the very least, not a single person present discovered Ye Xiuwen’s peculiar, wavering emotions.

Ye Xiuwen immediately set the teacup back down onto the table gently to prevent shattering it. As the base of the teacup landed on the wooden surface of the table, it clinked once again.

An imperceptible amount of tea started seeping out from the cracks of the teacup, and a watermark slowly formed under the base of the cup.

Evidently, the teacup would have shattered into pieces if Ye Xiuwen had just held or set down the teacup with a little bit more force.

Apart from Ye Xiuwen, there was another person at the table who found it an absolute eyesore when the second prince verbally teased Yao Mo – and this person was none other than Yu Wanrou.

Yesterday, she had given it her all and employed all possible techniques at the feast just so that she could get into the second prince’s good books. She plied the second prince with spirit wine as she toasted to him in a soft, gentle voice; and she even threw several coquettish glances at the second prince as she donned a bashful look on her face. Having done all these things, she had expected that the second prince would be completely enthralled by her right now. Unexpectedly, the first person that the second prince set his eyes on this morning was still...

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