Chapter 96: The First Prince Who Lost Control


This was Jun Xiaomo’s first thoughts when she saw the pair of bloodshot eyes transfixed on her. A blaring alarm resounded in her mind.


This was Jun Xiaomo’s reflexive thought after her mind alerted her to the presence of danger.

These two thoughts flashed past Jun Xiaomo’s mind within a fraction of a second. However, before Jun Xiaomo could translate these thoughts into actions, the first prince’s bloodshot eyes once again roiled with a manic expression. He suddenly lunged forward, pinning Jun Xiaomo down directly under the weight of his body. Jun Xiaomo’s back slammed heavily into the windowsill, and a jolt of immense pain surged like electricity through her body, and she almost cried out in pain.

Jun Xiaomo glared furiously at the first prince. Just as she was about to ask him why he was in such a manic frenzy, the first prince immediately wrapped one of his hands tightly around her throat. Jun Xiaomo struggled to fight back the choking sensation as she pried away at the first prince’s fingers. However, her attempts were in vain. The first prince forcefully restrained her hands with his free hand, cutting off any attempts at resistance once more.

Jun Xiaomo wanted to curse and swear at him! When had she ever provoked this man before her? She hadn’t even met this man before, much less do anything to invoke his ire and animosity!

If she died right now – not in the hands of her archnemeses, but in the hands of a complete stranger – how tragic would it be? There would be no proper closure to her life!

However, it was clear that the first prince did not intend to kill Jun Xiaomo. He only clutched at Jun Xiaomo’s neck, forcing her...

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