Chapter 95: Werewolf Prince

Five bottles of spirit wine had been completely polished off, and the last bottle of spirit wine was almost empty as well. Rong Yebin’s hands involuntarily swayed about as he lifted his cup of wine. Then, he struggled even more in his attempt to set the mouth of that last bottle of spirit wine over his cup. His vision grew somewhat hazy, and his body started swaying about slightly…

Finally, the second prince Rong Yebin collapsed on the table with a resounding thud. The last bottle of spirit wine which he had been holding also fell out of his hands and onto the table. The rest of the bottle’s contents flowed out onto the table and trickled along a serpentine course until it dripped off the side of the table.

Now, the only two people who remained sober at this round table were Ye Xiuwen and Qin Lingyu.

Qin Lingyu sighed meaningfully as he set his cup down, commenting, “It’s such a pity that the perfectly good spirit wine in that bottle had been wasted like that.”

Ye Xiuwen also calmly set down the cup in his hands, and a crisp sound promptly resounded in the otherwise silent room.

As the crisp sound reverberated slightly, Qin Lingyu looked towards Ye Xiuwen and curled his lips into a wry smile as he remarked, “I never would have thought that martial brother Ye was such a heavyweight in holding his liquor. Seems like martial brother Ye was merely being humble earlier when you said you hardly drank at all.”

“You flatter me, martial brother Qin.” Ye Xiuwen curtly responded. Evidently, Ye Xiuwen had no intention to continue chatting with Qin Lingyu.

Ever since he discovered the well-concealed intentions in Qin Lingyu’s heart, Ye Xiuwen couldn’t even be bothered to...

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