Chapter 94: Drinking; Drunk

Yu Wanrou was undeniably a beauty through and through. Her soft and tender tone of voice thoroughly pleased the second prince. Therefore, even though he found it rather regrettable that he had been denied the opportunity to coax the “young man” to sit next to him, the second prince quickly shelved his desires for Yao Mo, and he devoted his full attention towards enjoying Yu Wanrou’s tender loving care.

On the other hand, Jun Xiaomo could barely stand that nauseating, goosebumps-inducing gaze from the second prince! Therefore, when Yu Wanrou inadvertently diverted Rong Yebin’s attention away from Jun Xiaomo and towards herself, Jun Xiaomo heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. Seeing that the second prince’s gaze was no longer trained on her, she quickly helped herself to a large piece of roasted meatloaf and took a large bite out of it. Instantly, the rich juices of the meat enveloped her taste buds, and Jun Xiaomo puffed up her cheeks involuntarily as her taste buds danced in delight.

The delicacies of this world are the best! Jun Xiaomo couldn’t care less about the second prince anymore. After all, Jun Xiaomo had been cooking so much wild game over the last few days that she had started to grow sick of that smell of smoked meat over a fire.

Yao Mo’s expressions attracted the attention of two people. The first person was Ye Xiuwen; and the other was the second prince.

Ye Xiuwen picked up some vegetables with his chopsticks and set it down on Jun Xiaomo’s bowl as he spoke, “Don’t just eat meat. Have some vegetables.”

Jun Xiaomo obediently nodded her head in response. Then, she set down the half-eaten piece of meatloaf and stuffed the vegetables into her mouth. As the second prince looked on curiously at how that “young man” pursed his luscious...

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