Chapter 93: Yu Wanrou’s New Target

While Ye Xiuwen dashed out of the inn after hearing the loud bang, the other members of his entourage all remained seated at the table. None of them had any intention to leave their seats to take a look at what had happened. After all, Yao Mo was nothing more than an outsider to them, and they couldn’t care less whether something happened to him at all.

Evidently, these disciples had already forgotten that their safe arrival at Xingping County had been largely contingent on the fact that Yao Mo had disposed of the Demonvine earlier. Otherwise, who could be sure whether they would be able to escape from the Demonvine’s pursuit with life and limb intact?

That said, Yi Hong and Di Yue did cast their gaze over at the doors to the inn. Several people seemed to be gathered around, watching a commotion of sorts, but they couldn’t tell what was going on exactly from where they were. However, they knew that Yao Mo was a cultivator with peculiar abilities. Logically speaking, the mortals who would be able to hurt Yao Mo were few and far between. Furthermore, their martial brother Ye had gone out to check on Yao Mo as well. With martial brother Ye’s protection, what kind of danger could Yao Mo possibly be in?

Having contemplated these things, Yi Hong and Di Yue also continued to remain seated in the great hall, together with the rest of the disciples from Dawn Sect.

At first, they thought that Ye Xiuwen would return very quickly. Unexpectedly, it was only after most of the dishes they had ordered earlier had arrived at the table did Ye...

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