Chapter 92: Inferno Kingdom’s Second Prince, Rong Yebin

Ye Xiuwen noticed Yao Mo’s aberrant expressions, and his gaze darkened considerably. He took two quick strides and arrived at Jun Xiaomo’s side. Then, he quickly placed his hand on her shoulder and softly called out, “Little Mo.”

Jun Xiaomo immediately felt that warm sensation on her shoulder. Gradually, she left behind those haunting memories of her previous life and attempted to refocus her attention on the present reality.

She hung her head low, concealing the still-roiling hatred in the depths of her eyes.

That’s right, the matters of her previous life had already passed. This was a fresh, new start for her, and the things which had happened in her previous life had not occurred in this life. Therefore, there was no reason for the nemeses in her previous life to affect her this much.

That said, the death of her child in her previous life was an incident that carved an eternal void in Jun Xiaomo’s heart. Even though she could still bear another child in her present life, it was never going to be the same as the one she had lost.

She was even unaware of the identity of the child’s father! And all of this was the result of the schemes of one single person – the dignified looking man seating in the inn, Qin Lingyu!

Put another way, the thread of fate that tied her child to her been irreversibly severed, and there was no way she could ever reunite with that child of hers in the present life once again.

This was one of the main reasons why Jun Xiaomo’s heart would always explode with overwhelming hatred whenever she encountered the people who had caused the death of her child in her previous life!

Her hatred was not only for these people. She hated herself – she hated the fact that she fell into the traps of these schemers; and she hated the...

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