Chapter 91: Blood Jade’s Sudden Resonance; Nemesis

However, Jun Xiaomo was unable to ascertain that this person was Jiang Yutong’s son based solely on that totem on his neck.

She furrowed her brows and deliberated for a moment, before she decided that it was worth clarifying matters with the commander.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have a question for the commander.” Jun Xiaomo looked directly at the commander as she interjected.

“Please ask.”

“Is this first prince’s mother… imperial concubine Jiang Yutong who had vanished from the Inferno Kingdom several years ago?” Jun Xiaomo carefully sized up the commander’s expression as she queried. She did not want to let slip any potential clue about the whereabouts of Jiang Yutong’s son.

“You know about imperial concubine Jiang?!” The commander widened his eyes as he looked at Jun Xiaomo with astonishment in his eyes.

Jun Xiaomo waved her hands casually as she responded, “It’s not that I know her personally. I’ve only ever heard of her. Back then, the tales of imperial concubine Jiang were so controversial that my father would speak about it from time to time.”

The commander knitted his brows together. After muttering under his breath for a brief moment, he heaved a long sigh, nodded his head and explained, “The first prince is indeed imperial concubine Jiang’s son. Perhaps the real reason for his actions today might have been the fact that his father, the king, had annihilated his mother’s clansmen and driven his mother away. He couldn’t come to terms with it even after all these years, and therefore he resorted to committing the most heinous of crimes – making an attempt at his own father’s life.”

Hearing this, a bright gleam flashed across Jun Xiaomo’s eyes as she took another look at the portrait laid out on the table in front of her –

The man on the portrait possessed sharp and chiseled features and deep, profound eyes. He curled his lips ever so slightly into a wry smile that seemed...

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