Chapter 89: The Strong Prevails; Public Approval

Everyone stared at the back of Di Yue’s large frame right now in shock. In an instant, the atmosphere around them became completely still and silent.

Qin Lingyu squinted his eyes and a deep sense of displeasure swelled up from the depths of his heart. He thought the same as the other – he was the one who had saved Di Yue. But seeing that Di Yue had suddenly thanked Ye Xiuwen when he awakened from his state of unconsciousness, Qin Lingyu felt a deep sense of indignance as though his efforts had been claimed by someone else.

Ye Xiuwen stood there, silent and expressionless. He was in fact the one who had saved Di Yue’s life, and he graciously accepted this sincere gesture of appreciation from Di Yue.

As the Dawn Sect disciples recovered from their earlier shock, they intended to demand an explanation from Di Yue. Unexpectedly, Di Yue continued to remain kneeling there, holding the position of his kowtow. Furthermore, no one could tell the expression on Di Yue’s face because he still had his head planted to the ground.

Yi Hong and Di Yue had always been part of Ye Xiuwen’s team, and they naturally interacted more with each other than anyone else. Therefore, Yi Hong walked over to Di Yue and patted him gently on the back, calling him, “Di Yue, Di Yue.”

But Di Yue did not respond.

Sensing that something was wrong, Yi Hong immediately lifted Di Yue’s head and looked at his face –

This fella! To think that he’d brace himself and run over to martial brother Ye’s to thank him, but then fainted in the midst of a kowtow due to his serious injuries!

The other disciples also noticed this. Yet even as they were rendered speechless by Di Yue’s actions, they were all the more curious...

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