Chapter 88: The Burden of Engagement

Jun Xiaomo heart swelled with elation as she witnessed Qin Lingyu’s dumbstruck look. She felt awash with joy at this moment, just like someone who had just taken a cold, refreshing shower on a hot, grimy summer day. Every single fiber in her being was now tingling with this refreshing sensation emanating from the look on Qin Lingyu’s face right now.

Didn’t this fella want to team up with Ke Xinwen to scheme against martial brother Ye and I? I want to see how he’s going to deal with the present situation.

In all these years, Qin Lingyu had accumulated countless treasures and precious possessions through the convenience of his position and stature in the Sect. These treasures had all been “gifted” to him by the earnest disciples within the Sect, and Qin Lingyu also welcomed these gifts with open arms, as he stored each and every one carefully within his Interspatial Ring.

At the same time, these “earnest disciples” did not have many possessions to begin with. Even if they all pooled together their most prized possession within their respective Interspatial Rings right now, the value of their combined possessions would be far less than the value of the pills that Jun Xiaomo had just asked Qin Lingyu for.

These pills sought by Jun Xiaomo were not commonly seen – especially the fifth-grade Revitalization Pill and the sixth-grade Energy Convergence Pill. The pillmaster would have to overcome a pill tribulation when forging each of these pills. Therefore, these pills were much harder to come across than the other more common pills. In fact, they were so valuable and precious that one might not even be able to obtain one of...

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