Chapter 87: Who’s Got a Thicker Skin?

Despite the potentially calamitous breakthrough, Jun Xiaomo’s spirits recovered very quickly once she successfully broke through to the second level of Qi Mastery. In fact, her vitality and spiritedness had even improved by leaps and bounds.

But this was understandable as well. After all, the Qi Mastery stage of cultivation was when cultivators strengthened and refined their meridians and Dantian. Every time they broke through to the next level of Qi Mastery, their meridians and Dantian would experience tremendous, qualitative changes, and their capacity to hold and store spiritual energy or demonic energy would increase by several folds as well. During this process of qualitative changes, the cultivator’s flesh and bones would also similarly be refined and remolded, strengthening and augmenting them.

Therefore, the muscular aches, weariness and weaknesses in Jun Xiaomo’s body before she broke through the bottleneck all vanished once Jun Xiaomo successfully broke through to the second level of Qi Mastery. Instead, Jun Xiaomo was now revitalized and imbued with a new source of strength that surged through every fiber of her being.

Jun Xiaomo stood up and jumped on the spot. Immediately, she could feel the difference in her body. Her legs were filled with a renewed strength, and there was no longer any trace of soreness or weakness emanating from her legs. This caused Jun Xiaomo to grin widely in delight.

Then, it suddenly occurred to Jun Xiaomo what she had been doing just before she had fainted – she had been using her formation array to deal with the Demonvine, and her spiritual energy had become substantially depleted before she could accomplish what she wanted to achieve. Therefore, she was uncertain about whether she had managed to take down the Demonvine or not.

Jun Xiaomo immediately ran over to where the main...

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