Chapter 86: Breakthrough Success! The Disciples’ Astonishment

On the other side, Qin Lingyu, Ke Xinwen and the others continued to run desperately from the Demonvine. However, they couldn’t seem to lose the quickly approaching Demonvine appendages no matter what they did.

Ke Xinwen possessed a wind-based spiritual root just like Ye Xiuwen. Naturally, he was proficient with his wind-based spells. When they were first retreating from the Demonvine, Ke Xinwen had intended to increase his movement speed by imbuing his feet with his wind abilities. However, once Qin Lingyu discovered his intentions, he secretly activated the poison within Ke Xinwen’s body and caused Ke Xinwen to stumble momentarily. Ke Xinwen was almost caught by the Demonvine as a result.

At that time, Ke Xinwen glared furiously at Qin Lingyu, only to receive an even more threatening glance back at himself.

Qin Lingyu’s intentions were clear – Don’t forget that you’re now my subject. You’d better not think of escaping before I do! 

Therefore, Ke Xinwen had no choice but to continue running alongside Qin Lingyu instead, as he continued to use his wind-based spells to slow down the Demonvine appendages that was hot on their tail.

At the same time, Ke Xinwen stared viciously at Qin Lingyu’s back. Oh, how he wished he could tear Qin Lingyu to shreds right now!

Yu Wanrou’s cultivation level was only at the fifth level of Qi Mastery, and she did not possess much combat experience to begin with. Therefore, her overall abilities could be considered to have been the weakest among all the disciples around. Notwithstanding that, her good luck more than made up for her inadequacies. Several disciples in Dawn Sect were her secret admirers, and they all made it a point to protect and cover her from the Demonvine’s pursuit, allowing her to escape easily without too much trouble.

As they ran along and the Demonvine’s appendages...

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