Chapter 85: Level Up! A Flawless Victory

Under the talisman’s life aura concealing effect, Ye Xiuwen arrived at the Demonvine’s heart unobstructed. There, he lifted his Frostburn Sword and made a clean slash towards the Demonvine. Instantly, countless gleams of light shone through the Demonvine’s appendages that had been tightly wrapped around Di Yue’s body, severing them into numerous pieces. However, Di Yue was not out of harm’s way yet. Within moments, several sets of new appendages shot out of nowhere and once again coiled themselves around Di Yue, burying him within their layers.

Furthermore, because the Demonvine’s appendages had been cleaved into pieces earlier, the Demonvine that had developed some spiritual awareness began to fly into a fit of rage. Even though it could not detect where this living being Ye Xiuwen was, it nevertheless began to flail its appendages about with reckless abandon, hoping that it would by chance be able to strike this “invisible being”.

Ye Xiuwen immediately operated his Windwalk technique, increasing his speed by several folds as he avoided the Demonvine’s attacks while looking out for an opportunity to rescue Di Yue. Di Yue was not in an optimistic condition right now. In fact, he appeared to be on his final breaths, and he was on the brink of passing on at any moment as a result of blood loss or the poison in his body.

While Ye Xiuwen was trying to rescue his team member, Jun Xiaomo busied herself on the sidelines. She swiftly set up four identical formation arrays, one each at the north, south, east and west of the Demonvine’s main vine. Then, she used four Talisman Threads to tie these four formation arrays together.

This formation array was called the Savage Augmentation Array, and it was created by connecting four smaller formation arrays with Talisman Threads...

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