Chapter 83: The Sudden Appearance of the Demonvine

Jun Xiaomo’s intuition was rarely ever wrong. Therefore, she consciously maintained vigilant of her surroundings as she journeyed along with the rest.

One could never be too cautious. If Qin Lingyu and Ke Xinwen wished to make a move against Ye Xiuwen within the next one and a half days, then she had to do all she could to ensure that they were not going to get their way.

Jun Xiaomo had thought that her uneasiness came from Qin Lingyu and Ke Xinwen’s ploys. However, in the afternoon of the second day, as the entire entourage hurried along on their journey towards the Mystic Woods, the uneasiness in Jun Xiaomo’s heart slowly escalated, until it finally reached its limits and triggered a response from Jun Xiaomo.

“Brother Ye, hang on a minute. Something’s not right with this place!” Jun Xiaomo immediately grabbed Ye Xiuwen’s hand, preventing him from moving forward any further.

Ye Xiuwen was immediately taken by surprise. But he nevertheless took Jun Xiaomo’s opinion seriously. He stopped moving forward, and slowly released his divine senses to probe around at his surroundings.

In fact, Ye Xiuwen had constantly probed about their surroundings with his divine sense as they trudged along on their journey, but he did not discover anything peculiar. Now that Jun Xiaomo had made her suspicions known, he decided to expand the range of his divine sense and check his surroundings more thoroughly.

Moments later, Ye Xiuwen retracted his divine sense and shook his head at Jun Xiaomo, saying,...

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