Chapter 82: Jun Xiaomo’s Unique Auditory Abilities

Qin Lingyu looked cautiously around at his surroundings, and even sent a thread of divine sense probing about the camp site below. Then, when he finally ascertained that everyone had remained seated around the bonfire and there were presently only him and Ke Xinwen around, he finally felt more at ease. He turned back towards Ke Xinwen and asked plainly, “Have you managed to come up with any ideas to deal with Ye Xiuwen and Yao Mo?”

“Haa--?!” Ke Xinwen did not expect Qin Lingyu’s questions to be along these lines.

Given how Qin Lingyu held his fate in the center of his palms, he was naturally resigned to obeying Qin Lingyu’s every beck and call right now. Since that was the case, he had every intention to obey Qin Lingyu’s instructions and directions when it came to the matters pertaining to Ye Xiuwen and Yao Mo, and he certainly did not dare to act out of line.

Therefore, he had never expected Qin Lingyu to ask him whether he had come up with any ideas to deal with Ye Xiuwen and Yao Mo. Isn’t this something for you to think about instead? Ke Xinwen thought to himself as he stared blankly at Qin Lingyu, completely lost for words.

As expected… Qin Lingyu’s eyes immediately turned frosty and his voice grew colder as he rebuked Ke Xinwen, “Do you expect me to do everything around here? Are you a three years-old child? Do I have to hold your hand and teach you everything? I’ve already said that the things I...

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