Chapter 81: Tormented Dawn Sect Disciples

Under the baptism of looks of admiration, covetousness and even frustration from the Dawn Sect disciples, Jun Xiaomo, her little packrat, and Ye Xiuwen had slowly and steadily polished off the few perfectly grilled pieces of meat on that wire mesh rack with absolute satisfaction and delight. In particular, the little packrat burped after he finished his meal, before it laid comfortably on its back, exposing its round and full belly. Jun Xiaomo chuckled at the sight of her little packrat and rubbed its belly. Immediately, the little packrat picked itself up, kicked off with its feet and sprung into Jun Xiaomo’s clothes, leaving only its tail exposed.

Could it be that this little fella is embarrassed?

Jun Xiaomo chuckled to herself before she turned her attention away from the little packrat that had buried its head into her chest. Within a few quick moments, she picked up the rest of the reindeer meat that she had cut into pieces and stored them.

This was a habit that she had developed from her previous life. It was very possible to encounter unexpected circumstances when one was traveling outside in the wilderness. Even though they had no lack for food right now, they were still quite some distance away from the Mystic Woods, and nobody would be able to predict what kind of predicament they might find themselves in in future. If they happened to encounter a food shortage in future, then the reindeer meat that she had stored in her Interspatial Ring would certainly be a life-saving measure.

Naturally, they would be able to use a Subsistence Pill to overcome their hunger. However, Subsistence Pills were not cheap...

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