Chapter 80: Jun Xiaomo’s Full Capabilities

Jun Xiaomo had not eaten anything today, and she had even wasted a fair bit of time arguing with these bunch of buffoon disciples. Right now, she was completely famished. Since matters had come to some form of conclusion, she did not wish to waste her saliva on the other disciples any further. Thus, she tugged at Ye Xiuwen’s arm, lamenting, “Brother Ye, I’m hungry…”

She had earlier already complained to Ye Xiuwen about her hunger. But right now, she even made it sound like she was being wronged.

The suave-looking young man scrunched up his face like a bitter gourd as looked at Ye Xiuwen with watery eyes and a hopeful gaze. All that was possibly lacking was for someone to write the words “I’m hungry. Let’s eat” on his face. Ye Xiuwen could not help but chuckle lightheartedly.

This person really wears his expressions on his sleeve. Ye Xiuwen thought to himself helplessly as he patted Jun Xiaomo’s head, saying, “Let’s go then. Didn’t you say you wanted brother Ye to try your culinary skills?”

“Great! Come with me, brother Ye!” Jun Xiaomo’s eyes brightened as he immediately grabbed onto Ye Xiuwen’s arm and dragged him to the side, ignoring everyone else present.

On the other hand, everyone else who were looking at this sight were left completely speechless. The two of them seemed completely oblivious to everyone’s presence right now, and the intimate atmosphere between them did not even allow room for a third party’s interjection. Everyone was completely stunned by this sight.

They had never seen Ye Xiuwen acting so…affectionately. In their eyes, Ye Xiuwen had always been cold and distant. But now, not only had Ye Xiuwen patted Yao Mo’s head; he even allowed Yao Mo to hold his arm and lead him away. This left all the disciples from the Sect completely flabbergasted.

But how would these disciples know that...

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