Chapter 79: Infuriated Ye Xiuwen

These Dawn Sect disciples did not have a close relationship with Ye Xiuwen. In fact, they were quite distant from Ye Xiuwen – even akin to strangers. But at the same time, they did not dare to offend this First-Seat Disciple of the Heavenly Peak.

This had nothing to do with Ye Xiuwen’s stature or position in the Sect. Rather, it was the dignified aura that he gave off which caused people to be on guard at all times.

Despite the cold and distant front of their martial brother who seemed disinterested about matters apart from cultivation, no one dared to belittle him at all. At best, they might speak poorly of Ye Xiuwen behind his back, but no one had the gall to say anything in front of him.

After all, whenever Ye Xiuwen’s piercing gaze swept across their bodies, they would instinctively feel like retreating and shrinking back into their shells.

Therefore, these disciples who were venting their frustrations and unreservedly condemning Jun Xiaomo just a little while ago were immediately taken aback when Ye Xiuwen spoke. They were instantly rendered speechless and lost all ability to retort momentarily.

Even so, they still felt deeply dissatisfied and unconvinced! They even found it ridiculous that their martial brother Ye was now sticking out his neck for a mere outsider.

On the other hand, Jun Xiaomo smiled warmly to herself. She loved the feeling of being protected and sheltered by her martial brother, and her earlier frustrations at this entire group of disciples seemed to have dispersed substantially when Ye Xiuwen stood up for her.

She had initially been...

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