Chapter 77: Ke Xinwen’s Failed Schemes

Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen remained in the cavern for slightly over two hours. It was only after they had fully ascertained that they’ve left no stone unturned that they walked to the Teleportation Array at the stone bed.

“We probably won’t be able to return to this place anymore.” Before activating the formation array, Jun Xiaomo looked down at the empty stone bed as she said regretfully.

The writings on the stone bed had vanished completely, as though its owner was now fully satisfied, having entrusted her final wishes and the Blood Jade to this stranger standing before the bed right now.

“Mm.” Ye Xiuwen responded softly, patting Yao Mo’s head as he said, “Let’s go. Finding senior’s child and fulfilling her final wishes is the greatest form of gratitude and repayment we can give.”

The value of the things that they had recovered from this cavern far outweighed the simple request left by Jiang Yutong. In fact, Jiang Yutong’s good nature and kind-heartedness could be seen from the fact that she did not even seek revenge in her final will.

Even so, if the stars were aligned in her favour as she carried out the task requested by Jiang Yutong, Jun Xiaomo did not mind throwing in “revenge” as a bonus for her senior. At the very least, Jiang Yutong’s death would not have been in vain this way.

Jun Xiaomo smiled at Ye Xiuwen, before imbuing the formation array with her spiritual energy.

As the blue light from the formation array slowly intensified and engulfed them, Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen clasped their hands together respectfully and solemnly said, “Thank you, senior.”

Then, an after an intense flare of blue light, Jun...

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