Chapter 75: The Tragic Concubine’s Will

The Demonic Gathering Array was one of the arrays used by demonic cultivators to gather demonic energy for their cultivation. Different types of Demonic Gathering Arrays also gave rise to different levels of efficiency in gathering demonic energy. This Demonic Gathering Array had used a nine-by-nine grid of superior grade spiritual stones to activate the entire formation array. Evidently, its demonic energy gathering abilities were no trifling matter.

In fact, if Jun Xiaomo had decided to cultivate at the heart of this Demonic Gathering Array for a period of time, she would very quickly be able to break through the third level of Qi Mastery or even more. However, she could not bring herself to tell Ye Xiuwen any of these things right now, despite Ye Xiuwen having once told Jun Xiaomo that he did not mind if she practiced demonic cultivation. This was because she knew that Ye Xiuwen still harboured some hatred for demonic cultivators in his heart.

When Ye Xiuwen was only eleven years-old, his entire clan had been annihilated by demonic cultivators who had coveted and used the lives of the Ye clan as tribute for a blood rite to activate an enormous Demonic Gathering Array, thereby sending the entire Ye clan into extinction.

The demonic cultivators then had seen how talented the Ye clan was in spiritual cultivation, and they knew that the spiritual energy in the blood of the Ye clan members was extremely potent. Therefore, the resultant Demonic Gathering Array would naturally be of a commensurate potency. If not...

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