Chapter 74: An Unexpected Discovery

This was the second time that she had awakened in martial brother Ye’s bosom.

The first time was a few days ago in that inn, where she had slept in a sprawling position and inadvertently embraced Ye Xiuwen in her sleep. And this time, even though she had been wrapped up as tightly as a dumpling and held tightly in Ye Xiuwen’s embrace, she somehow managed to stretch her arms out and cling onto Ye Xiuwen by the waist!

Just as the dazed Jun Xiaomo finally managed to rouse to her senses, this sudden realization caused blood to shoot up to her brains and stupefy her once more.

Jun Xiaomo immediately retracted her hands and shrunk back into her blankets, hoping that this would allow her to hide her present embarrassment.

From Ye Xiuwen’s perspective, this young man had opened his eyes hazily and gazed at Ye Xiuwen in a daze. Then, as the young man realized what was going on, his eyes immediately opened wide as he stared at Ye Xiuwen and his ears flushed red – evidently embarrassed about the situation.

Right now, the young man looked like he was trying to shrink back into his blanket to hide from the world. This even caused Ye Xiuwen to second guess his actions and contemplate whether he had done something terrible to that young man.

Ye Xiuwen patted Yao Mo’s head helplessly as he said calmly, “Alright, last night you were still complaining that you were feeling cold, and you even kept inching closer to the fire. I had to hug you tightly to prevent you from getting burnt.”

Ye Xiuwen’s matter-of-fact expression immediately caused Jun Xiaomo to wonder whether she might have been overly amplifying the awkwardness in...

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