Chapter 73: Ye Xiuwen’s Suspicions

It was now nighttime. The temperatures in the cavern had dipped even further, and the fire started by Jun Xiaomo had almost burnt out, leaving only some glowing embers flickering in the mound of ashes.

Ye Xiuwen laid beside the fire. His arms twitched, and then he slowly opened his eyes.

“Ugh…” Ye Xiuwen lifted his arms weakly as he rubbed his forehead. This action also drew his attention to the wound on his shoulder as a wave of pain assaulted his senses. Then, Ye Xiuwen noticed that the cavern was filled with a dank and heavy stench of blood, before he turned his attention to his white garments which looked like they had been immersed in black blood – dried streaks and patches of blood populated his entire set of clothing. It was a terrifying sight.

Ye Xiuwen replayed the scenes just before going unconscious in his mind, and he was certain that they ended with a warm embrace and a soft sensation on his shoulders.

That’s right. Ye Xiuwen had not fully lost his consciousness even while Jun Xiaomo was sucking out the blood from within his body. In his stupor, everything that Jun Xiaomo had done for him had been etched in his memory before he went unconscious. Even though he was not entirely sure of what Jun Xiaomo had done, he knew that his injuries before his consciousness faded were extremely severe, yet his body seemed to have recovered substantially right now. How could he not connect the dots and guess that this young man must have done something for him to aid in his recovery in his...

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