Chapter 72: Little Packrat’s Sudden Outburst

Hiss! The Green Elder Python had once again overlooked the Frostburn Sword in Ye Xiuwen’s hands. To the Green Elder Python, Ye Xiuwen was nothing more than a prey that had been cornered with no more than moments left to live.

Therefore, the Green Elder Python opened wide its mouth as it attempted to swallow Ye Xiuwen whole!

However, Ye Xiuwen had by now lost a lot of blood, and his consciousness was quickly fading away. That one stab of his was weak and inaccurate, and it only cut off a thin layer of scales beside the Green Elder Python’s mouth, while his entire body fell towards the mouth of the Green Elder Python.

Squeak squeak! At this critical moment, the little packrat suddenly appeared by Ye Xiuwen’s side, and an immense amount of demonic energy erupted from its tiny, furry body. The demonic energy completely engulfed its little body as it sprung forward and collided head on with the Green Elder Python’s head. Surprisingly, the Green Elder Python was knocked aside by this sudden, powerful blow by the little packrat. Coupled with the fact that demonic energy was destructive by nature, the blind Green Elder Python could only writhe on the field of Firescale Grass in pain and fury.

At the same time, the little packrat’s entire body became limp after erupting with such immense demonic energy. It lay lifelessly on the floor and squeaked softly towards the entrance of the cavern where Jun Xiaomo had fallen to. After all, who knew whether there were any dangers waiting for Jun Xiaomo at the bottom of this pitch-black cavern? But diving headlong into the entrance was the only option available to them in such a life or death situation.


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