Chapter 71: That Moment Between Life and Death

Just as Jun Xiaomo operated her true energy instinctively, intending to duke it out with the Green Elder Python, a sharp sound of grating metal sliced through the air – Ye Xiuwen had unsheathed his Frostburn Sword and stabbed it straight into the area between the Green Elder Python’s fangs. A deep gash appeared in the Green Elder Python’s upper jaw.

However, this small wound was nothing much to the Green Elder Python at all. In fact, the stench of its own blood, coupled by the thick presence of Frenzypani Grass in the air agitated the Green Elder Python even more! The redness of its eyes grew two shades darker, and it turned its attention from Jun Xiaomo to Ye Xiuwen and lunged towards him!

The Green Elder Python’s movements were extremely quick, and it could travel a few hundred meters in just a few moments. This was the reason why Ye Xiuwen had not discovered its presence right at the outset. Right now, if any other cultivator at the twelfth level of Qi Mastery with a different spiritual-root were in Ye Xiuwen’s place, he would immediately have lost its life to the Green Elder Python. But Ye Xiuwen was a sword cultivator with a wind-based spiritual root. He immediately imbued his hands and feet with wind energy and increased his speed by a few folds. Armed with the formidable treasure, Frostburn Sword, the Green Elder Python was unable to immediately...

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