Chapter 70: Old Dog Ke Xinwen

Twigs and branches twisted and twined around each other, forming a thick overhanging foliage in the woods. At the same time, beams of sunrays peeked through the complex canopy of branches, dotting the ground with marks of light and faintly illuminating the forest trail, bringing a sense of warmth and life to this otherwise serene and tranquil realm. Walking along the forest trail strewn with dried leaves and listening to the crisp chirps of songbirds would bring calm and peace to anyone’s heart.

Even though they intended to hunt for some wild game, Jun Xiaomo felt that leaving the toxic people from Dawn Sect behind and simply walking along this forest trail and taking in the sights and sounds around them wasn’t too bad either.

“There’s a wild boar ahead. Do we want to consider that?” Ye Xiuwen suddenly asked, breaking the silence around them.

“Where’s the wild boar?” Jun Xiaomo looked ahead, but she could not see where the wild boar was.

“It’s some distance ahead of us. I’ve discovered it using my divine sense.” Ye Xiuwen calmly said. But as he thought about how dirty the wild boar looked, Ye Xiuwen could not help but knit his brows together.

Jun Xiaomo pouted her lips. She had just been reminded that with her first level of Qi Mastery, the range of her divine sense...

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