Chapter 68: Accepting Puppetry

To be used by Qin Lingyu?! What kind of a sick joke is this?!

Even though Qin Lingyu was the First Seat Disciple of Dawn Sect’s Sect Leader, He Zhang, Ke Xinwen had been a Sect disciple for a longer time. Ke Xinwen’s cultivation level was no less than Qin Lingyu’s either. Ke Xinwen had never thought of Qin Lingyu as someone superior to him. At the very least, Ke Xinwen felt that he was no worse than Qin Lingyu within the Sect. Therefore, when Qin Lingyu suggested for Ke Xinwen to pledge his loyalty to Qin Lingyu, Ke Xinwen’s first reaction was to reject it completely!

If he agreed to be controlled by Qin Lingyu, then how would he be able to hold his head high and face his other martial brothers in future?

Qin Lingyu glanced back at the martial brothers and sisters following behind them, before slowly breaking down the situation to Ke Xinwen, “Martial brother Ke, you’ve got to think carefully about this. You’re well aware of the consequences if I recount what exactly transpired today to the Sect Leader, right?”

This immediately sent shivers down Ke Xinwen’s back – of course he knew the consequences of that! If he were lucky, he would get away with merely being excommunicated from the Sect; but if not, his punishment could well be a crippling of his cultivation so that he would become no more than a mere mortal, and once again be subject to the vicissitudes of life.

Murdering a fellow disciple was a heinous crime anywhere, regardless of one’s background.

“I…I did not kill him intentionally…I only lost control momentarily…” Ke Xinwen attempted to justify his actions before Qin Lingyu.

“What you tell me right now doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that too many people have learnt of this...

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