Chapter 67: Ke Xinwen’s Bad Reputation

Jun Xiaomo’s Mirror of a Thousand Reflections had indeed recorded every single one of Ke Xinwen’s actions. These disciples watched in absolute horror as they discovered that the usually big-hearted and magnanimous martial brother Ke had such a fierce and vicious side to him – this truly made them tremble in fear.

Wasn’t Yao Mo but an array master at the first level of Qi Mastery? What grudge did martial brother Ke bear against him that made him want to kill Yao Mo so much? He even unleashed his strongest Windsquall attack on him and turned everything around into dust!

If Yao Mo had been in the room when Ke Xinwen attacked, then he would most certainly have become minced meat under Ke Xinwen’s attacks.

Once these disciples witnessed with their very eyes how Ke Xinwen had attempted to attack Yao Mo, they could no longer justify making things difficult for Yao Mo. Thus, they remained absolutely silent.

These disciples were also thinking about the other disciple mentioned by Ke Xinwen, Lu Rong. Lu Rong was a fellow disciple of theirs, and seeing how things were, there was a good chance that Ke Xinwen had murdered Lu Rong and disposed of his body so that no one could find a single trace of it.

As they thought about these things, the disciples who had always been chummy with Ke Xinwen suddenly got goosebumps. Even Fan Hai who would adamantly stand up for Ke Xinwen was left speechless.

“That…these few distinguished guests, could I ask how you intend to deal with the man in this room?” The innkeeper asked cautiously. He could tell that these people knew the madman in the room, so he was careful not to refer to Ke Xinwen as a madman so as not to offend these cultivators. Therefore, he politely reminded Qin Lingyu and the...

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