Chapter 66: Furious Dawn Sect Disciples

Jun Xiaomo maintained her cool despite the looks of condemnation from everyone around. She slowly made her way in front of her room door, glanced into her room, and then she flicked open her fan and said, “Hmm, I thought I’d only caught a small shrimp. Who knew that in the end I would bag a lobster, huh…”

Everyone: …What does she mean by “shrimp” or “lobster”?

Dawn Sect’s disciples grew even more furious. Not only had Yao Mo implicitly confessed to his crimes, he even seemed to take pleasure in Ke Xinwen’s misfortune. What kind of attitude was that? He clearly showed no respect for Dawn Sect’s people!

“Yao Mo, what is the meaning of this?! Martial brother Ke did not even offend you, yet you’ve tormented him and reduced him to such a sorry state – do you wish to make enemies of the entire Dawn Sect?!” Fan Hai, one of Ke Xinwen’s closest buddies, demanded an explanation with immense fury.

“Tsk tsk, I’m so afraid~” Jun Xiaomo pretended to be afraid as she patted her chest softly, but her facial expressions said otherwise as she calmly curled her lips into an impish smile.

“You!” In a fit of anger, Fan Hai had poised himself to attack Jun Xiaomo. However, Jun Xiaomo once again flicked out his fan and said in a carefree manner, “Are all of you Dawn Sect disciples so brash? Do all of you think about beating someone up even before listening to their side of the story? This is what Dawn Sect teaches you?”

Qin Lingyu also put his hand out in front of Fan Hai to restrain him. He was curious how exactly Yao Mo had managed to torment Ke Xinwen and reduce him to such a sorry state.

No one had realized...

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