Chapter 64: Qin Lingyu’s Suspicions

Jun Xiaomo discovered Qin Lingyu gazing meaningfully at her and she instinctively tensed up her hand that was holding the fan and slowed down her breathing.

She knew that Qin Lingyu and Ke Xinwen were very different. If Ke Xinwen were like a wild and hot-tempered lion, then Qin Lingyu would be more akin to a poisonous snake, coiled up, concealed in the ground and ready to strike at any time. While the lion’s attacks were powerful, its prey becomes aware of the lion’s presence once it attacks. On the other hand, the poisonous snake would bide its time to deliver a swift, deadly blow, and the prey would not even know what struck it before it dies.

It was just like that for Jun Xiaomo in her previous life – she only realized on her deathbed how thoroughly she had been schemed against all her life.

Therefore, faced with Qin Lingyu’s gaze today, Jun Xiaomo instinctively reacted by attempting to surmise what Qin Lingyu was plotting. However, Qin Lingyu was not the sort who gave away the head or tail of his schemes that easily. At the very least, Jun Xiaomo had no way of ascertaining what Qin Lingyu’s present thoughts were right now.

Jun Xiaomo was not afraid that Qin Lingyu would expose the fact that she had set up formation arrays against Ke Xinwen in her own room. What she was most afraid of was that Qin Lingyu would discover and expose her true identity.

If Qin Lingyu discovered her true identity, he was sure...

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