Chapter 62: Ke Xinwen’s Panic

But this moment of peace and tranquility did not last too long, and it was soon interrupted.

“Tss—” Jun Xiaomo sucked in a breath of cold air. She felt a twinge of pain on her finger, and looking closer at it under the candlelight, she realized that a drop of crimson blood had seeped out from the tip of her index finger.

“How did you hurt yourself?” Ye Xiuwen furrowed his brows as he tried to recall what Yao Mo might have touched accidently.

Jun Xiaomo promptly sucked on her finger for a while until the bleeding stopped before retracting her finger.

“Brother Ye, don’t worry. This is not an injury.” Jun Xiaomo smiled as she explained. She held her chin and tapped on her cheek as she added, “Remember how I placed a Humanoid Puppet on the bed this afternoon? I had used a drop of fresh blood and a talisman paper plus a basic Humanoid Puppet formation array to create this. Someone has probably just destroyed the Humanoid Puppet, and therefore my drop of blood has come back to my body.”

Ye Xiuwen did not have a very thorough understanding of things like Humanoid Puppets. Therefore, after he heard Jun Xiaomo’s explanation, he curiously raised his eyebrows, “Brother Yao, you seem to know a lot about these things.”

Strictly speaking, Humanoid Puppets are not considered a part of either the discipline of formation arrays, or the discipline of talismans. But at the same time their creation required both talismans and formation arrays. Therefore, it could be said to be an even more complex discipline than just talismans or formation arrays.

Furthermore, there were few people from upstanding...

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