Chapter 61: Irresistible Warmth

Jun Xiaomo had guessed from the onset that Ke Xinwen would have resorted to violence to force open the door’s lock. Therefore, she had placed two formation arrays on the door frame. The first was an offensive formation array, such that once Ke Xinwen forcefully opened the door lock, the formation array would activate and send a repulsion force towards the person who broke the lock. However, because the spirit stones within Jun Xiaomo’s Interspatial Ring were limited and she had to use them sparingly, this formation array would lose its effects after one attack.

The second formation array set up by Jun Xiaomo at the door frame was a Suction Force Array. Once someone stepped into the formation array’s area of effect, that person would immediately be sucked towards a designated space. Unless the trespasser’s abilities exceeded the limits of the formation array, that person would not have any chances of resisting. Therefore, when Ke Xinwen kicked down the door, he was immediately sucked into the room.

As can be seen, Jun Xiaomo had chained her attacks perfectly, luring her prey directly into the trap that she had prepared.

Jun Xiaomo’s trap had been carefully crafted with Ke Xinwen’s personality in mind. If she were making preparations against Qin Lingyu, she would have set up her formation arrays quite differently. After all, Ke Xinwen’s personality was more of the overconfident and brash type. From his expressions,...

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