Chapter 60: Shadow in the Night

Ye Xiuwen did not mind how the other disciples were talking behind his back. Dawn Sect was essentially filled with complicated factions and allegiances vying for power within the Sect. Of all these factions, He Zhang’s was the strongest. It was under these circumstances that Jun Linxuan’s focus on cultivation seemed more of an anomaly than the norm, as he maintained cordiality with all factions and groups and preferred none over the other. 

Under Jun Linxuan’s direction, Heavenly Peak and its disciples had developed a similar personality with an absolute focus on cultivation and a disinterest in all other matters. Even though Ye Xiuwen could sense disciples from other Peaks giving derisory looks at Heavenly Peak and its disciples, he knew that people who walked different paths should stay separate and not force the issue. There was no reason for him to change his personality just so that he could curry favour with others.

After following Ye Xiuwen back to his room, Jun Xiaomo was about to remove her Invisibility Talisman when Ye Xiuwen stopped her.

“Little Mo, don’t remove your Invisibility Talisman yet. It’s still early now, and they might still return and come find me after they’re done with their shopping.”

Hearing this, Jun Xiaomo immediately retracted her hand that was already reaching out for her Invisibility Talisman. Then, she laughed and said with embarrassment, “Brother Ye’s clearly more meticulous. I was just about to remove the talisman!”

Even though the odds of the others looking for Ye Xiuwen were low, it...

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