Chapter 59: Digging a Hole; Inviting a Guest

In the next two hours that followed, Jun Xiaomo managed to set up several formation arrays within the room in preparation for her guest that night. Then, she prepared to leave with Ye Xiuwen for his room. Just before leaving the inn, Jun Xiaomo even used a drop of her own blood to create a Humanoid Puppet and set it on the bed, as though Yao Mo was sleeping.

Since they wanted to put up a false front, they naturally had to go all out. Otherwise, once the “guest” discovers that there was no one in the room, he might very well guess where Yao Mo had gone and leave the place, in which case all the formation arrays set up by Jun Xiaomo would have gone to waste.

Ye Xiuwen stood by the side as he watched Jun Xiaomo busy herself. He was unable to render any assistance to her given his limited knowledge of formation arrays. Then, when he saw Jun Xiaomo bring out a small paper man and create a Humanoid Puppet from it, Ye Xiuwen raised his eyebrows curiously. He had just discovered that this young man was much more meticulous than he looked.

“Alright!” After setting the Humanoid Puppet on the bed, Jun Xiaomo clapped her hands together and covered the puppet with a blanket.

From the outside, one could vaguely make out the shape of a human being underneath the blanket, as though someone were sleeping underneath.

“It’s such a pity that my cultivation is too low, and I can’t make this Humanoid Puppet move. Otherwise, I could even turn this into an offensive weapon and cause some serious problems for that person who’s scheming against me! Hmph!” Jun Xiaomo boasted as she proudly raised her chin.

Ye Xiuwen pretended to cough into a fist, preventing a smile from eking out on his ...

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