Chapter 58: Continuously Courting Calamity

As expected, the other inn was not as crowded as the inn which Ye Xiuwen had put up in. This great hall had only a few tables occupied by guests, while most of the other tables were presently empty.

However, this was partially also due to the fact that most guests had already taken their lunch by now and had all returned to their rooms to rest.

“Innkeeper, could we know if you still have rooms available?” Jun Xiaomo walked up to the front desk of the inn as she asked politely.

Few guests would usually come looking for lodging at this time of the day, so this innkeeper was even taking his afternoon nap right now. As soon as he heard Jun Xiaomo’s inquiry, he quickly came to his senses and enthusiastically responded, “Heyyo! Let me have a look for you!” Seeing that he had new guests, the innkeeper was once again filled with vigor. He flipped through his guest book quickly before looking back at Jun Xiaomo, saying, “Dear guests, I’m so sorry but the best room I have left is a mid-grade room. Would that be alright for you?”

Jun Xiaomo glanced over at the price list, and it immediately occurred to her that the prices of this inn’s rooms were on average over ten spirit stones more than the other inn.

No wonder everyone would pick that inn over this one.

Nevertheless, Jun Xiaomo smiled as she responded, “That’s alright. Then I’ll trouble you to prepare a mid-grade room for me please.” Being out on travels right now, Jun Xiaomo naturally managed her own expectations....

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