Chapter 57: Ye Xiuwen’s Protection

Even so, Qin Lingyu did not count someone like Yao Mo qualified to be called his love rival. After gazing momentarily at Jun Xiaomo, he quickly turned his gaze away. On the other hand, Ke Xinwen continued to stare daggers at Jun Xiaomo with a fiery gaze in his eyes. In fact, he could barely maintain the smile on his face at this moment.

This stood to reason – Qin Lingyu did not even consider people like Ke Xinwen qualified to be called his “love rival”, much less this array master Yao Mo whose cultivation was so weak that it was not worth mentioning at all. Yu Wanrou would be blind not to choose him and run to others instead.

And on the other side, Jun Xiaomo also saw how Ke Xinwen’s was trying so hard to maintain an appearance of magnanimity and heartiness. In fact, even Jun Xiaomo felt tired watching Ke Xinwen – just how much indignation did he have to suppress in order to prevent any of it from showing on his face at this instant? Jun Xiaomo flicked open her fan to fan herself, at the same time shielding herself from the deadly glare that Ke Xinwen was giving her.

Just this moment, Zhong Ruolan suddenly spoke up. As though she wanted to see the world burn, she commented with a mocking tone, “Oh? Look at the expression on martial sister Wanrou’s face. It seems that you’ve somewhat fallen for our brother Yao here? It’s understandable though. I feel that brother Yao’s appearances and dignified air are both top notch too. It’s not strange that martial sister Wanrou would set him in her sights.”

Jun Xiaomo: Haha…what’s this Zhong Ruolan trying to do? Does she find the amount of hatred heaped on me insufficient?

The thing that left Jun Xiaomo absolutely speechless was the fact that Yu Wanrou did not even bother to deny Zhong Ruolan’s suggestion. Instead, Yu Wanrou only...

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