Chapter 56: Heaping Hostility

“Also, brother Ke doesn’t need to worry too much. My little Packie here is still young and small, and its bark is worse than its bite. These few minor scratches will get better very quickly if you apply some simple balm on them, and they won’t leave any lasting scars. Most importantly, these injuries definitely won’t affect your charming and suave image at all.” Jun Xiaomo leisurely commented. In particular, the last statement made was clearly made up entirely of commendations, but it sounded more contemptuous and derisory than anything because of the way she had said it.

At this moment, Ke Xinwen’s eyes were burning with so much fury that they may well be balls of flame.

The part that left the other disciples completely speechless was how that little packrat had promptly squeaked twice right after Jun Xiaomo stated all these things, as though it agreed and understood what Jun Xiaomo was saying.

Everyone: ……

Seeing how this owner and his pet echoing one another could really anger a person to death.

However, Jun Xiaomo could hardly be bothered about what the others thought. Among all who were present, she only concerned herself with what Ye Xiuwen thought.

Just this moment, Jun Xiaomo felt the back of her hand being gripped by something, then immediately after, a cool finger began writing something on the back of her hand.

Jun Xiaomo knew right away that the person who held and wrote on the back of her hand was her martial brother....

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