Chapter 55: Extra Awesome Packrat

Jun Xiaomo had never thought she would one day receive such tender, pitiful, and goosebumps-inducing expressions from her love rival, Yu Wanrou. 

However, this wasn’t entirely Yu Wanrou’s fault. After all, she had already grown used to using her weak and soft disposition to earn the sympathy of her martial brothers, to the extent that she would even consider this her greatest weapon. Who would have thought that the “young man” in front of her was absolutely not a male cultivator; but rather a female cultivator wearing a male cultivator’s appearance?

To make matters worse, this female cultivator was actually the one who Yu Wanrou hated the most and was most jealous of, Jun Xiaomo! She was the very same person that Yu Wanrou had on so many occasions wanted to chop up to pieces and boil in a cauldron of oil!

Jun Xiaomo flicked open her fan at this instant and covered her twitching lips so that Yu Wanrou could not see her present expression. Then, she coughed dryly as she spoke, “It’s truly difficult to reject the requests of a beauty…”

When she heard herself being referred to as a “beauty”, Yu Wanrou’s face immediately flushed red as she thought to herself – I knew these male cultivators could never resist my charms and allure.

Jun Xiaomo’s lips twitched again, and she raised her fan to cover up almost half her face...

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