Chapter 54: Unbearable Beauty

Ke Xinwen never thought that Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen would be able to discover his peculiar behaviour from just that little slip up of his. In fact, Ke Xinwen thought that he was able to recover from his shock before anyone noticed anything strange about him. He quickly adjusted his expression before laughing boisterously, striding forward quickly and casually speaking to Ye Xiuwen, “Seems like martial brother Ye has returned rather early today, huh?”

Ye Xiuwen lifted his cup and took a sip from it before saying plainly, “I’m not early. It’s already almost time for lunch.”

Ke Xinwen could not tell from Ye Xiuwen’s reaction whether Ye Xiuwen had grown suspicious of him, because Ye Xiuwen had always been this indifferent. Therefore, he laughed dryly as he responded, “Ahaha, is that right? It seems that we’ve lost track of time browsing through the marketplace then.”

The other martial brothers had not noticed the peculiarities in Ke Xinwen’s voice. However, Qin Lingyu glanced over at Ke Xinwen thoughtfully with a glimmer in his eyes.

Jun Xiaomo had retained her memories from her past life, and she naturally knew that Ke Xinwen was not as harmless as he seemed. In fact, he was really a two-faced person who could be laughing and joking with people whom he called brothers in one moment, and then stab that brother in the back the very next moment. The worst...

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