Chapter 53: Malicious Ke Xinwen

In Ye Xiuwen’s eyes, Yao Mo was still a stranger to him. Therefore, Ye Xiuwen plodded on silently and did not say much on the road.

However, Jun Xiaomo had always been a go-getter when it came to matters of building relations. Therefore, even if Ye Xiuwen did not make conversation with her, she would break the silence and make conversation with him instead.

“Brother Ye, don’t you find the matters today rather strange? Logically speaking, it’s impossible to see Vampire Demonrats move in a swarm like this in broad daylight.” Jun Xiaomo walked beside Ye Xiuwen and looked at him curiously as she spoke.

“I also found that a bit strange. And then there’s also the matter with the Blackwind Sabretooth Tiger, whose natural habitat is deep in the forests. It is incredibly rare to find a Blackwind Sabretooth Tiger wandering to the edge of the forest.” Ye Xiuwen said coldly, adding, “Furthermore, these spirit animals were all in a frenzied state.”

“A frenzied state?!” Jun Xiaomo looked astonished. She naturally also appreciated how dangerous these creatures were in a frenzied state – their offensive powers could increase as much as tenfold or more.

No wonder today’s Vampire Demonrats were considerably crazier than the ones I’ve encountered in the past. Good thing this swarm wasn’t too big. Otherwise, with our cultivations at the first level of Qi Mastery and the twelfth level of Qi Mastery respectively, it might well have been a better idea to have escaped using the Escape Scrolls. Jun Xiaomo thought silently to herself.

“Yes, they were in a frenzied state.” A sharp gaze flashed across Ye Xiuwen’s eyes even as he spoke plainly,...

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