Chapter 52: The Speechless Jun Xiaomo

After encountering two battles, Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo’s bodies were full of bloodstains and the pungent smell that belonged on the bodies of the Vampire Demonrats. Ye Xiuwen had always been obsessed with his cleanliness, and as a girl Jun Xiaomo naturally regarded her personal cleanliness of utmost importance. Therefore, both walked over to the nearby stream in agreement.

This stream was located at the border of the woods. Its waters were so clear that one could see the bottom of the stream, as well as all the fish within that were darting about here and there. Under the warm glow of the sunlight, the colouful pebbles at the bottom of the river shimmered radiantly.

“Who would’ve thought that this place would be so scenic.” The unexpected, resplendent view caused Jun Xiaomo to smile widely in surprise as she exclaimed. Even though her smile looked funny with the streaks of white and black plastered all over her face from the battles, her relaxed and content disposition nevertheless spread to Ye Xiuwen as well.

“It’s truly not bad.” Ye Xiuwen nodded in agreement. But in the next moment, he calmly inquired, “Didn’t brother Yao come from within the woods earlier? How come you didn’t notice this small stream?”

That astonishment on Jun Xiaomo’s face gave away the fact that this was the first time she had seen this stream.

Jun Xiaomo bit down hard on the tip of her tongue. She thought to herself – Can you give me a break? How can martial brother be so sharp to pick up all these loopholes in my story? Oh man…what am I going to say now? Is my cover going to be blown in the first...

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